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  • Our Path to Creating America’s First Early Learning City

    Hello all, We will use this blog as our home for our 7-part series on making Pensacola America's first early learning city. Also included is our

  • We have a choice: Stay the same or change?


  • EntreCon: Studer interviews Julie Weber, VP of People at Southwest Airlines

    Quint Studer interviews Julie Weber, the VP of People at Southwest Airlines.

  • Proposed Downtown Trolley Map for Nov. 3-Dec. 31

    Check out our proposed map for FREE downtown trolley service in Pensacola in November and December.   proposed-dt-trolleys-diff-layers-dragged

  • Congrats to Judy Bense…

    judy-bense-pnj-ad2-9-20-2016 On 36 great years at the University of West Florida. Here's the ad that ran in the

  • Property Tax is Vital to Support Pensacola

    inweekly-one-page-ad-properties   Check out our advertisement that ran in the PNJ and InWeekly this past week. This gives an

  • Owner vs Renter

    If you own a business, I’ve got a question for you. Do your employees share the same commitment to the company’s success as you do? And for

  • Right Words at the Right Time for the Right Reason

    Right words, right time, right reason leads to customer happiness - Quint Studer
    In a previous column I addressed service recovery. That is what

  • Make Meetings Count: Prepare, Communicate, Rate

    “Two hours and seventeen minutes! What a waste of time.” This was a message I received recently from a leader of an

  • Employees Appreciate Feedback

    Employees appreciate feedback. Of course they especially prefer positive feedback. However, most employees would agree that there is nothing more disappointing than being surprised when he