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  • Focus On Employee Retention

    What can we do to keep you? Why didn't you tell us? These are questions an employee may hear quickly after they turn in their resignation. Or how

  • Increasing Employee Development

    In my books, articles, training sessions and keynotes I often discuss what I consider one of the primary roles of any person in a supervisory

  • Achieving Employee Engagement

    Last week’s column, “What If Your Boss is the Problem?” generated some nice emails and comments from people who had read my book, The Great

  • Carry your own message

    "Everyone is upset." "All the employees are feeling left out" "Everyone is overwhelmed." “I can't tell you who said it, but I thought you would like

  • Wearing Out Coworkers

    Quint Studer About 30 years ago I started a new job on the same day as my boss. He was the executive director and I was

  • Start With Positives

    To all the owners and managers out there, How often does an employee come up to you and say things like: “It is a great day!

  • Employees Appreciate Feedback

    Employees appreciate feedback. Of course they especially prefer positive feedback. However, most employees would agree that there is nothing more disappointing than being surprised when he

  • Make Meetings Count: Prepare, Communicate, Rate

    “Two hours and seventeen minutes! What a waste of time.” This was a message I received recently from a leader of an

  • Right Words at the Right Time for the Right Reason

    Right words, right time, right reason leads to customer happiness - Quint Studer
    In a previous column I addressed service recovery. That is what

  • Owner vs Renter

    If you own a business, I’ve got a question for you. Do your employees share the same commitment to the company’s success as you do? And for